Why Vacationing on Grand Bahama Island is Perfect

Vacationing in the Bahamas is a great way to spend time with friends and family. The Bahamas have something for everyone, so regardless of your vacationing style, you are certain to have a good time. Some people, when on vacation, like to go non-stop, visiting endless attractions and seeing everything possible. In their minds, missing some monument or other tourist site would be considered a waste of money. For others, a vacation is about getting away from the stresses of everyday life, slowing down and simply enjoying the company of one’s friends and family, and the peaceful joys of nature – a setting sun, the wind in the trees and the sound of waves on a beach.

What’s Your Vacationing Style?

The Bahamas offer something for both of these styles of vacationing. Those who are interested in a calm, relaxing stay that revitalizes the body, mind and soul, can enjoy the beautiful Caribbean sunsets, and lull of the waves. The waves in the Bahamas are not like the west coast of the United States and Canada; they tend to be very low and calm, with gradual tides. Sometimes a restaurant with beach front property will move tables out into the water at high tide, where guests can then dine with their feet in the ocean. This makes for a unique, relaxing dining experience.

For those with a more adventurous philosophy of vacationing, the Bahamas offers great activities, many of which will get the adrenaline flowing. Parasailing is a popular sport, since it requires very little skill. Even those who have never parasailed can get fully informed about the entire process in a few minutes. Simply strap in, and let the parachute carry you high above the waves as you’re towed behind the boat. Snorkeling is another popular activity. The Bahamas have beautiful, clear waters, white sand and calms seas. All of these conditions combine to create the perfect environment for seeing a wide selection of beautiful tropical fish.

Vacationing on a Budget?

Traveling can get expensive.  Most people when calculating the cost of traveling look at the transportation and the hotel.  They overlook the large expense of food, activities and social nights.  What a great reason traveling to the Bahamas is the best idea for a budget.  If you live in Florida, there are cruise options that take you over night from West Palm Beach and you wake up in Freeport Bahamas.  This can save you a lot from Airfare.  Not only is it less expensive, but you get the entertainment and food that comes with a cruise ship.  The Bahama Celebration is a great boat for this.