Top 5 Forgotten Beach Items On Bahamas Vacations

On your next trip to Grand Bahama Island keep an eye out to ensure that you don’t accidentally leave these items behind after a relaxing day lounging at the beach. Many of these items are small and easy to forget—but will need to be replaced if forgotten.

5 Most Beached Items on Grand Bahama Island


In order to avoid taking your sunscreen in and out of your beach bag several times, you may just lie it beside you in the sand, or on the side table next to you—only to be left behind. You don’t want to get burnt while on vacation so make sure you have it before you leave the beach.

Water Bottle

Water bottles are easy to forget regardless of where you are. However, they are particularly easy to forget while on the beach at Grand Bahama Island as you enjoy fruity cocktails and tropical beverages.

Cover Up

When you hit the beach while staying on you likely have your t-shirt, shorts, or cover up on. However, after basking in the sun in your bikini or swimsuit—you may forget what you initially arrived in.


Your sunglasses are great for protecting your eyes, but you may lay them down in the sand when you venture into the water—or so that you can stare into the eyes of the one you love. Sunglasses are small, but those Chanel frames you love can be pricy—so make sure they aren’t left behind.

Flip Flop Or Sandals

While you may have flip flops or sandals on when you arrive at the beach, you probably take them off so that you can enjoy walking barefoot in the sand. Even if you don’t put them back on—make sure they are with you when you leave.

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The last thing you want is stress about on a relaxing beach vacation is lost or forgotten items. To help make sure you leave with everything you arrived with, you can take a quick count of the items in your beach bag prior to leaving the hotel—or you can create a list that you store on your smartphone to ensure that nothing gets left behind on your next Grand Bahama Island beach vacation.