Port Lucaya Jet-Skiing

As I skipped and bounced on the waves of Lucayan Beach only two words could come to mind – Raw Power. Thrill, rush and adventure cannot begin to  fully and accurately describe the jet-skiing experience on Grand Bahama Island, but it certainly is a start.

The day began with taking a five dollar cab downtown and a dollar-fifty bus to Port Lucaya, for a total cost of six fifty and a total savings of three dollars and fifty cents via a full cab ride from my house in the center of Freeport  to the said destination. I trolled the warm sandy beach and finally arrived to Ocean Motion, which, as described on it’s webite is “the largest watersports company on Grand Bahama Island with the aim of providing the widest variety of watersport activities with the friendliest service.”

Hilton, Manager and Super at Ocean Motion and having over 25 years of experience explained to the instructions of the jet-skiing experience. “The number one safety rule is that you have to stay at least 200 feet away from other jet-skis in order to avoid collision; there are no breaks on the machine – only an on and off button so if they come your way, ‘run away’ and go in the opposite direction. The number two safety rule is never ride too close to shore; always ride about half a mile off shore” he said

Once in the water with the press of the power handle, I was off. Voom, Voom! It took me roughly speaking about 1 minute to adjust to the speed level I was about to subject my body too, but after those short 60 seconds, I was riding the teal, clear blue ocean at what felt like 100 miles per hour.

As I drove, and turned and spun into the sunshine, I could feel and smell the refreshing mist of the salty crystal clear ocean. It provided an atmosphere for one to not only have fun, but clear their head, release stress and even shout for joy and sing to the velocity of the Jet Ski.

After having  the Atlantic Ocea as my playground for half an hour at half a mile off the shore, I saw  a white towel waving and I knew this moment of continuous rush and intensified excitement had come to an end.

I joked with Hilton that this should be added as a mandatory daily fitness work out for locals. He chuckled. The Jet Ski was then parked on shore and there ended an amazing experience.