Jeep Nature Tour – Things To Do in Freeport Bahamas

Grand Bahama is a tourist hot-spot in the Atlantic Ocean offering much to see, do and experience. As apart of my Experience Grand Bahama tour, I was given a Jeep Nature Tour around the Island, courtesy of Grand Bahama Nature Tours.

Our Tour began with a drive up Tiano Beach where our group was given a view of the beautiful sandy beach. From there, we drove out to the very end of the southern tip of Grand Bahama and guest were given an opportunity to view the entire southern shore coastline of Grand Bahama, host to many luxury beach-front properties and homes as well as the entrance into on of Grand Bahama’s largest canals.

Knowledgeable and friendly Tour Guide Tony Newbold explained that the Island of Grand Bahama runs 95 miles long and from there we drove out to the northern shore and found out why there are very little to no houses along this coast – as it’s populated mangroves. We then went to our next stop which was lunch at the luscious Garden of the Groves and then beach time at Junkanoo Beach Club.

Due to my limited driving “skills”, I was also given a limited Driving “experience” which included 3 circles around the parking lot – both parking and reversing were done by Newbold (for safety reasons) –  it was an awesome experience.

Finally, after a quick tour of the Port Lucaya area, we were driven back to our host site and thus, given an awesome ending to an awesome day.