Grand Bahama Island Para-Sailing – Port Lucaya – Freeport Bahamas

Grammy award winning artist R. Kelly once said “I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky.” Some years later, he was followed by the American Idol winner Rouben Studdard who declared to the world that he was “Flying without wings.” As apart experiencing Grand Bahama Island, I was able to do the both – in the form of parasailing.

The experience began with me being taken out on a boat to a floating platform in the water. From there, I was then strapped up with safety gear. The Crew workers at Ocean Motion informed that I should bend my knees, and then run during the take off. Following their instructions to the tee, I did just that and in mere minutes I was hoisted at 400 feet above ground level with a boat below moving at the speed of 30 – 45 miles per hour.

During a parasailing experience, one can one see the entire Lucayan beach along with pretty much the rest of Port Lucaya. The part that really stood out to me the most was the view of the entrance of the Canal – it was simply majestic. Immediate following, I was then given a view of the heavenly horizon followed by a gold shinning sunset and finally, landing back on deck.

Parasailing on Grand Bahama is an experience like none other. Not only because you’re hoisted high above the sea free to spread your arms like wings and being able to pretend to fly, but because it gives one a bird’s eye view of the splendor and brilliance of Grand Bahama Island.