Bahamas Vacation: Celebrating Bahamas Music and Art Culture

Bahamas Vacation: Celebrating Bahamas Music and Art Culture

Bahamas Vacation: Celebrating Bahamas Music and Art Culture - Grand Bahama Tourism

The first things that comes to mind when someone mentions the Bahamas is probably relaxing on the beach, but these islands are also alive with culture.  A mix of African, European, and other cultures has lead to a vibrant Bahamian arts and entertainment scene that visitors should take advantage of on their Bahamas vacations.  From popular music to traditional handicrafts here’s what vacationers should make sure not to miss while cruising the Bahamas.

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Grand Bahamas Island Music

The music tradition of the Bahamas isn’t restricted to the classic “Who Let the Dogs Out” by the Baha Men, it draws on the history of African ancestry, colonial domination, and the mixing cultures, thereby creating a unique musical landscape the reflects the people’s joy, hardship, innovation, and artistry.  Story songs mix music and song, transmitting everyday occurrences, while religious hymns fill worship houses as reminders of the past slave era.   For more light-hearted musical adventures, there’s goombay music performed by rake and scrape bands which traditionally accompany Bahamian Quadrille and Heel and Toe polka dances.  Some of the best guitarists in the world also hail from the Bahamas, the most well-known being Joseph Spence.  In the Grand Bahamas tourism scene, almost every month of the year has festivals where visitors can see the streets come alive with music and dance, from the yearly Junkanoo Carnival to the Goombay Summer Festival.

Bohemian Art and Handicrafts

Grand Bahama Tourism

A first exploration of Bahamian arts can be delved into at the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas in the historic Villa Doyle in Nassau.  The museum’s permanent and temporary exhibits give visitors the chance to engage in the history of Bahamian art, from the early island handicrafts to contemporary and experimental art practices.  In addition, the museum also provides public programing and arts education workshops throughout the year.  If shopping is more your style you can still encounter plenty of art at local markets including the Bahama’s Art and Straw Market, the Port Lucaya Marketplace, and Leo’s Art Gallery.  

Freeport, Bahamas Entertainment

On top of the hours of relaxation on the beach, your vacation in the Bahamas offer a seemingly endless parade of options for entertainment throughout the islands.  There’s a wide variety of activities, tours, and live entertainment in a constant rotation from scuba diving and hiking to concerts and nightlife. Even transportation options in Grand Bahama provide a form of entertainment, with plenty of bicycles and scooter tours available.