An intro to The Grand Life with Nate

Just 50 miles off the coast of South Florida lay a small, but energetic and vibrant Island in the country of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas called Grand Bahama Island. Dubbed as the “Venice” of the Caribbean, Grand Bahama’s atmosphere can be described as one that is semi-fast past and adventurous,yet laid back and the perfect escape for visitors and residents alike who wish to emerge themselves in the bliss of tranquility, fun and adventure.

Infamous for being the only island in the Bahamas that takes a sophisticated, industrial and economically sound district which encompasses a powerhouse business sector correctly earning the title of “Industrial Capital of the Bahamas” and uniquely brings it together with a natural, carefree, clam and historical piece of land in the far east and west which is home to many local fisherman and farmers – Grand Bahama is distinctly different from all other islands giving those who live and visit the best of both worlds.

Serving as host to the “Magic City” of Freeport, on Grand Bahama Island, you are certain to experience a culture and a people unlike any you’ve ever met. Join me ad I give you in depth look at the many things, people, landmarks, activities and food that makes Grand Bahama so unique.” From me experiences in the swashlands, exploring the beautiful beaches and even meeting a local business man/philanthropist BahamaDan who visited to the island a few years ago and 5 years later made it his permanent home.  I’ll also introduce to to interesting topics such as “The 7 wonders of Grand Bahama,” “Fun activities on Grand Bahama you want to try” and “5 things about Grand Bahama we bet you never knew” just to name a few! Grab a friend, plan a vacation and read along, it’s going to be a fun, adventurous, Grand ride!